I've decided to show you how my magic is done and prepared the Before and After #photoshop processing steps of few images you liked the most (thank you for your likes and comments, by the way!). 

This was done because I personally love to see retouching steps and understand the logic of how the pic was processed, so I thought maybe there are some fans of this page who would appreciate it as much as I do.

Probably it turned out to be a little messy, so if you have troubles with reading that small words - just let me know and I'll explain better 
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I'll post new before / after #retouching pictures here based on your likes of the originals.  For the updates just scroll down the page of follow my #facebook page Grain Pixels Photography to be the first to see ;)
Hope it will be helpful for you, guys!

Girl with red hair lies down covered with green moss
Here I've added a little more color vibrance, a little more moss and hair, worked on the skin tone and texture and here it is!
But first of all - if not the model's natural beauty this picture would have never looked so amazing.

Young nude model hiding behind the big green leaf

What I've done here was:

- cropping square and building the composition

- working on body (liquify a bit) and blemishes on skin (texture and glow)

- color - leaf, skin, hair, background

- dodging and burning shadows/lights, using curves also

- adding color toning and texture

Beautiful girl closing her mouth with hands on sunset
I will not explain my actions here as all of them are written on the picture itself. If you want to zoom in just click on the pic ;)

Girl with red hair and pale skin stands near the tree
Step by step Photoshop retouch with actions and comments

After Dark Beauty Mag feaured this image I promised to show you before/after retouching of it. So.
When I was shooting it I knew right away that I'll have to make a massive work on building the composition in photoshop, I liked the tree branch very much but the background didn't fit. That was the main part in retouching, also I worked a lot on color and depth of composition with ‪#‎photoshop‬ tools. 

how I edit and retouch images with fairytale effect

Didn't do much on this one, the main work was made with color as you can see. Color plays the main role here 'cause it creates atmosphere of mystery and fairytale. And of course - super sensual model Yana, thanks to her surreal beauty (that has nothing to do with editing in Ph) image became so eye-catching 

It's much easier to edit ‪#‎blackandwhite‬ images because you work mainly with composition, lines, light and shadows (no color work involved which takes me hours sometimes). I also love to add some textures to make picture look deeper.

Well, here's the before/after of my little elf ;)

It was September when we were shooting this one, but I already wanted golden colors around. So, I simply created it myself ;)

This is a case when your model is totally perfect, so all you have to do to sharpen her beauty is to work on color.
If any questions - let me know. Love! Смайлик «heart»

We were shooting this set when the sunset was almost over, the light was even, but pretty dim so I did some additional edits on the light and color, and a little bit on composition. Enjoy!

People on my Instagram began to ask questions :D this was the image they picked for before/after editing steps. So, I'm revealing the magic: put 8 images together, work on color and lights - and you're done!