{Merger} - fine art photography project by Nina Sinitskaya

First of all I have to say that this project is deeply personal for me as it reveals my state of mind and soul, how I feel about the world and myself as a part of it. In the next few lines I'll try to put a brief description of the idea. Below you'll be able to see how I brought it to life and read about each image separately. Also your comments/thoughts/impressions are highly appreciated so please drop the line ;)


Once in the middle of conversation with one of my friends the plot of the book I read years ago appeared in my mind. I'm still trying to remember the name of the book or at least the author but unsuccessfully (maybe one of you could help me with that, please?). That book told the post apocalyptic story of how humans evolved into plants. Literally human bodies changed - first, human genitals turned into pistils and stamens, together with the usual genitals bad emotions (such as aggression) disappeared. People began to reproduce themselves like plants. And slowly, year by year, human nation turned into vegetation, so the Earth was covered only with green and silent big trees.
So than I thought - what an elegant way the Earth chose and applied to get rid of destructive elements. No murders or violence, only changing one life form into another.


Probably now you think that I am some kind of radical fighter for clean environment and so on. Well, I don't think that humanity is some kind of a disease on the Earth's surface, no. And I don't think that mankind should come back to primitive ages in its development. But I think and feel that human nation forgot (or still didn't learn) how to live in a harmony with environment and the rest of the world, how to respect things that were not created by them and (which is most important) how to love their roots, origin and their own Home.  Our Planet, it's nature - is a huge inexhaustible energy source and all of us are part of it.
Finally I came up to the idea - I'm gonna tell you a story of a true unity, harmony and peace. Dive into my world of the pure energy, where nature merges with humans, creating the perfect symbiosis of sacred life, where there is no place for death or fear, only for transformation. Serenity. Wholeness. Infinity.


When I was planning the shooting sessions, thinking of image I wanted to get as a result I thought I'd collaborate with a few models. I wanted them all to be young - as a symbol of new life, not professional models - so they wouldn't make their pattern looks and posing (don't get me wrong, but I really like to work with artistic and liberated people and in my experience such people usually are not professional models at all). Also I didn't plan to make some expressive or special wardrobe styling - I always like to keep it simple and in this case - especially, so the viewer could focus on subject with no destructions.
So, during the first shooting with Dasha it was obvious that she was perfect for this project in general and for each planned image separately, so I changed my plans at once (as it usually happens to me during the shooting process ;)). Dasha is very young, but already a professional model, she is very natural, easy going, hardworking and talented in posing. Moreover, she follows my views on life so our collaboration became totally synergistic.


photography / retouch - Nina Sinitskaya
muah Kate Kaverzina
model Dasha Zolotaryova 

Below you'll see the gallery of all images from {Merger Project}.  Each image icon is a link to the original post. I will be adding new images here as soon as they appear on the blog. I hope that I managed to show you the idea and feel what I was talking about above. 
Again your comments/thoughts/impressions are highly appreciated so I hope you'll find some time to share them with me. 

Merger {Serenity}