{Water Stories} - fine art photography project by Nina Sinitskaya

If you want to skip the reading and see pics straight away, than all you have to know is that:
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The idea of this project came to me after I realized that my summer will be pretty much rainy this year, and as I love to shoot outside using natural light - all my models will be wet. So, why upset, I better create :D To tell the truth - I also have this fear of water, so working on this project was kinda a little challenge to myself to get to know my fear better and try to let it go.


This project contains 9 separate stories. In each story I mostly describe my own views and states of mind with the help of 9 beautiful and distinctive models, probably that's why I'm more concentrated on face shots and emotions.
During each shoot me and my team used few bottles of water (which were poured on models), we shot on the lake or riversides, using natural light. Almost all series were shot in Kiev, Ukraine, but edited in Warsaw, Poland (I moved there this summer). It was a GREAT pleasure for me to meet all those amazing and selfless girls, work with AMAZING make-up artists, we all had SO MUCH fun!


photography / retouch - Nina Sinitskaya
assistant Lora Rillie

Below you'll see the gallery of all images from {Water Stories} Project.  Each image icon is a link to the original post. I hope that I managed to show you the idea and feel what I was talking about above. 
Again your comments/thoughts/impressions are highly appreciated so I hope you'll find some time to share them with me. 

Give Me Something

Fight No More

Delicate Magic
Something Bigger
The Secret of Eyes Closed

This is it, I guess. You can't even imagine how grateful I am to people who did this together with me - thank you again for your time, patience, your talent and for who you are!